Competitive Commuting

I recently started watching Initial D (for the third time…so far) and over the last few days I’ve been looking for a more interesting drive from work.  Something with more turns and hills, essentially a more engaging route.  I figure that it’s worth a few minutes of my time and a bit more gas money to feel alive, if only for a little bit.  I’ve noticed that my car only makes sense if I’m driving it in an active manner. If I just stick with the boring highway, it just doesn’t do it for me.  I mapped out four different routes that exited the highway sooner and had more backroads involved.

The first was about the same as usual, but with more elevation changes.  So overall better, but it had a speed camera so that’s out.  The second was very good.  Lots of turns and dips, but with dangerous road quality.  I was constantly dodging potholes, and the road itself was very narrow.  The third had better road quality than the second.  Things are looking good for this option.  The fourth also had a smoother surface, and it actually had lines painted for the lanes!  The only problems are, it takes me further out of the way, and the directions are a bit more complicated to remember (without getting lost in the middle of the woods).  As it stands, I’m leaning toward the third and fourth routes now.  I just can’t decide which will be the new regular drive back from work.

Yesterday, while trying the third option for the first time, I had a moment of weakness.  I was sliding towards the guardrail a bit while going around a wet left turn when I took my foot off the gas and hovered over the brake pedal.  Thankfully, I didn’t hit the brakes.  After I made it without careening over the cliff I had to remind myself to not brake in the middle of a corner.  ”You solve your problems with the gas pedal” I said aloud, “You do not hit the brakes!”

These backroads are much more interesting in the rain, and I haven’t had any issues with traffic yet.  We’ll see how it goes, but so far, I think I could spare 5 minutes an evening to have a far more adventuresome drive back from work.  Until I crash into a tree a very long way from home.

Competitive Commuting