Adult Clothes?

A few weeks ago, someone made a comment about my shirt.  Unless I have a compelling reason to wear ‘adult’ clothes, I’ll just stick with my Woot and Threadless t-shirts.  I figure, why be boring, when I can be interesting instead?  Although, now that I’m 24 and kind of an adult, some say that I should wear more responsible looking clothes, like a grownup.

And I can see their point.  Now that I’m not in college anymore, maybe I should wear more expensive and uncomfortable clothes to make strangers feel better about their life choices.  So this morning, I figured that I would look around a bit and see what I could do to change my image.  After realizing that Banana Republic and J Crew were still too expensive for my student-loan-bills-to-pay budget, I went back to old habits.  After scrolling through a few hundred designs on Threadless and RedBubble I had found a few solid options.  Only to realize that these shirts were still going to cost $25 each and were the same sort of designs I have now.

So much for changing my image to better suit a young professional.  It was at this point that I realized that I didn’t really need to get rid of the t-shirts I like to wear just because a few older people think I should grow up.  If I’m not being paid to wear responsible adult clothes (like at work), I don’t think I will.  So here I am with a pair of bright red Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 shoes and several thought-provoking t-shirts.  Some of which are over three years old, and could justifiably be replaced.  But since I don’t have the disposable income to do so, and because I don’t really feel the need to get rid of what I like, I just wont.

I daresay people will find a way to get over it.

I’m fairly certain that I will.

Adult Clothes?