No More Heroes

After watching 73 episodes of Heroes, I was only 4 away from finishing the show.  That’s when I realized that I just didn’t care enough to watch the rest.  I’m willing to give any show two episodes to win me over.  Usually, once I commit to it, I follow through and watch everything, despite the ebb and flow in quality (Lost).  The decision to stop just four episodes from the end was unprecedented.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this trivial matter.  I determined that despite my extensive investment, the last four episodes were not worth another 160 minutes of my life.  The purpose of movies, television, books, and entertainment as a whole is to free us from our oh-so-difficult lives for a few hours.  Once our entertainment pursuits go from ‘something I want to do’ and become ‘something I have to do’ it’s no longer worth it.  Catching up on a TV show shouldn’t feel like work.  Why should I pay for the privilege of allowing more burdensome demands on my time?

Which brings me back to Heroes, after 73 episodes I thought about it and realized that I still didn’t care.  I may never know what happened in the last four episodes but I’m not all that bothered.  The four hours of my life that I salvaged from cutting my losses can now be invested in something I actually want to do with my time.

I should have remembered my policy about no network shows.  I don’t regret the time I spent watching Heroes, just like how I don’t regret failing to finish reading The Count of Monte Cristo.  I like to think that I still got something out of it, but that’s not really the point anyway.  If I choose to do something with my limited free time, it needs to be the best possible option available.  I have no time for mediocre entertainment.

No More Heroes