Adulthood is Over-Rated

Before breakfast this morning, I read this tweet from the ever-amazing Mary Kate Wiles:

As a kid, I thought that adults could do whatever they wanted, that they had all sorts of money, and no one to tell them what to do.  Now, I realize that this is only partially true.  There are a few people that have the funds and clout to do what they want, and don’t need to concern themselves with the whims or demands of others (1%-ers).  The rest of us don’t have that luxury.

Thinking back, I had more disposable income in High-School and College than I do now.  If I wanted a new laptop, I could just save for a bit and then buy one.  Now I’d have to save for years in order to do such a thing because I have bills to pay.  As a kid, you have time but no money.  As a member of the working class you probably don’t have either, but maybe some money if you’re lucky, no time though.  We work and save in the hopes that someday when we’re dilapidated enough to stop working, but not so infirm that we can’t move anymore, we can have both time and money to do what we want.  Of course by that point, with rising healthcare costs and living off savings, we still can’t really do what we want.

To quote Jay-Z quoting Annie: “It’s a hard knock life.”  I suppose the trick is making the most of what you’ve got at each stage of life.  Once I’m out of student loan debt though, I’ll never stop travelling.

Adulthood is Over-Rated