One Month Down, One Lifetime To Go

If my calendar is right, I’ve successfully written something every day for the past month!  I had been writing once a week for the previous year, so the change to once a day was an adjustment.  I’m trying to get used to writing more, and hone my abilities here.  Admittedly, there is a long way to go.  While I hope you enjoy what I write, I don’t yet expect it to change your life in any meaningful way.

When I decided to write every day, as I’ve seen other people try to draw every day or take a photograph every day, it was a definite decision.  I had to consider how much of my time and effort I was willing to devote to this each day, and where that would be re-appropriated from.  In the end, I decided that I would write shortly after getting back from work, and only for 15 minutes.  I thought that this was the most time I would need to write a daily blog post, something that doesn’t need to be extensively researched or polished.  I set a timer to keep from going too far over.  By scheduling a time to write, and by setting parameters to do so, I ensure that it actually happens.

In the beginning, I couldn’t think of things to write about, and figured that my life wasn’t interesting enough (it still isn’t).  After just a month though, it has become so much easier to think about a topic throughout the day, build a conceptual outline, and write it.  Now, there are days when I can’t wait to write about what happened, or as something is going horribly wrong I think “at least it will give me something to write about.”

One month isn’t that long though really.  I don’t plan on stopping this trend, hopefully I can keep writing something every day for the rest of my life.  I guess we’ll see.  Thanks for reading along, I appreciate each of you.

One Month Down, One Lifetime To Go