Netflix / Nature

Yesterday, instead of running inside on the treadmill while watching Netflix like I usually would, I elected to run outside.  A few minutes in, as I was getting all itchy and hot, I remembered that there’s nature outside.  Nature and I got along just fine many years ago when I was a kid.  I’d play outside and even went camping on occasion.  Over the last six years though, not so much.  I have allergy problems from now until fall usually, which explains why Winter is my favorite season (no allergies and no bugs).  

I soldiered on valiantly uphill both ways, dodging bees, trees, and cars along the way.  My feet slamming into the concrete as a constant reminder that the real world doesn’t have adjustable incline and shock absorbers.  I couldn’t see how many calories I was burning or my exact speed.  It was a completely different experience from running in a controlled environment.  


I’ve never been to a concert, but I imagine it’s similar to listening to the band on iTunes and hearing them live with thousands of other fans.  Running, climbing, anything really in a controlled environment is not the same as actually doing it.  I do a bit of rock climbing, but I have no desire at all to climb outside.  There’s nature out there, and heat.  Therefore, I probably won’t be running outside again until fall.  Between the allergies and everything else, I’d rather just watch Netflix as I run instead.

Netflix / Nature