I Don’t Play Games

There was a time when I was much more into video gaming.  Over the years, I’ve owned many different systems and got a lot out of it.  However, a while ago, I realized that what I liked most about the RPG games was the story itself.  Being involved with the character’s journey and overcoming trials together was what really did it for me.  As Lupe Fiasco said:

I love final fantasy
I hate first person shooters

Because of this appreciation of the story itself rather than the “video-game” aspect of it all, I started to get into TV more.  Throughout college I watched a lot of TV shows.  I couldn’t watch much TV growing up, so I really made up for lost time.  Now that I’m out of school and have more demands on my time and energy, I am getting away from TV.

Until recently, I would watch one 30min and one 60min show concurrently for balance.  Now I’m down to one show at a time, usually on Netflix.  This whole series of events led me to develop a hierarchy of recreation activities:

  1. Physical Activity: The most beneficial option, albeit demanding and not something I really like to do.
  2. Reading: Becoming more of a focus for me, I’m trying to finish two books now and will get started on that Top 100 books list soon thereafter.
  3. Video Gaming: Think what you will about gaming, but it is not a passive pursuit.  When I’m invested in a complex RPG world I am actively playing that game.
  4. Television/Movies: Nothing against TV, but if we’re honest, this is the least involving of the set.  TV is usually a more passive activity and without much direct involvement.

As I’ve said before, I like all of these possible activities, they each have their benefits.  Because I’m so concerned with efficiency now, and considering the time (and financial) cost -vs- benefits, I’m leaning more toward reading.  It has the story aspect I appreciated so much with the RPG games, the emotion, plot, and character development which I liked from TV, and it adds to my intellect and perspective.

Physical Activity has the best time/benefit ratio, whereas reading absolutely has the best money/benefit ratio.  When compared to other recreational entertainment activities, reading is just better.

I Don’t Play Games