Insecurity or Inspiration

Yesterday, after a rushed afternoon and a stifling meeting, I actually talked with someone.  A few weeks ago, this guy told me that he had stopped reading my old blog since I started talking about cars rather than life.  After holding myself back and not knocking his block off, I accepted his misguided opinion as such, and carried on.  Yesterday, in a crowded, hot hallway, I might have won a reader back.  After mentioning that I’m on Tumblr now and writing something each day he saw the error of his ways.  Eventually, we started chatting about creative progress and how it’s the best benchmark to use.

Both of us (any many of you I’m sure) could look back at a text/photo/film/work and think “that’s so incredible, there’s no way I could ever do something like that, I have so far to go…”  It can be a lot like the Old Spice commercial (look at your man, now back to me).  Anything we create is next to nothing compared to the masterful work of the true professionals.

However, it is important to remember that the real creators have been doing this a lot more and a lot longer than either of us have.  They’ve been trained by the best, and practice their art constantly.  The more important consideration is to look at what we had created before and compare that to more recent projects.  So long as there is a positive progression, we’re moving in the right direction, and we’ll get there someday.  It doesn’t help to look at something incredible and experience insecurity rather than inspiration.

With anything we do, so long as we keep at it and continue making progress, we’ll get there eventually.

Insecurity or Inspiration