Best Saturday

I’ve finally had a day in my life that might be interesting enough to write something about!  My parents are out of town this weekend, which if I was in high school would mean more video games.  If I was in college, it wouldn’t matter since I’d be living elsewhere.  But since I currently reside at their residence, it makes me feel so much more free, almost as if I were a real adult living on my own.  Almost.

So I went rock climbing, well “bouldering” actually.  And it went well, I tore through the skin on my hands in six places, and hit my elbow into the wall leading to more bloodshed.  In exchange for a small bit of my wellbeing, I successfully climbed a V3 and two V4 problems.  After falling off a V5 a few times, I decided to move on with the day.

Because I have little money (bills to pay) I wanted to save some money by doing minor car maintenance myself.  Today I was going to try and jack up the entire car and have it rest safe and stable on four jackstands.  This didn’t go quite as planned.  I had the stands on the right side up way too high, so I couldn’t get the stands on the left side high enough to balance.  The jack itself and almost all the stands were leaning frighteningly, and the car almost tipped over.  Luckily, everything ended up ok.  It is a sad moment though, when the best thing I can say about the endeavor was “at least the car didn’t fall over.”

So now I’m going to continue working on my Lizzie Bennet Diaries marathon.  I’m trying for the first 50 episodes today and the last 50 on Sunday.  I hope your weekend is going well, and if it’s not just ask yourself: “How much am I bleeding right now?” and “Did my car almost fall over in an elementary school parking lot?”

Best Saturday