Hallway Etiquette

I’m probably the only person that did something silly in high-school.  At the time, the cool thing to do was walk down the hallway as if you couldn’t see the other person about to walk into you.  Then someone would yield and side-step at the last possible second to avoid a collision.  This had to be done without eye contact and while acting like you couldn’t see the other person walking in the other direction.  Now as you might imagine, the underclassman would yield right away, no problem.  Some of the older or more popular guys thought that I should yield to them out of deference to their position.  And for a while, they were right.  I would wait until we were about to crash and lean away at the last instant.

Until one day, when both of us thought for sure that the other would yield.  So I walked right into that guy, and carried on with my life.  To be fair, he walked into me too, but the fact remains that neither of us was going to get out of the way.

I was thinking about this recently and realized how ridiculous that would be in the real world.  If I did that sort of thing at work, or at the grocery store, I’d just be a jerk.  It was interesting at the time though, especially since everyone was doing it (peer pressure).  After crashing into that guy, I felt so *alive* I didn’t yield to anyone anymore.  I had been emboldened by my brush with death, and the typical skittishness of high-school hallway etiquette just didn’t apply to me anymore.

There’s no real moral to this story, except that if you decide on a course of action and stick with it, you’d best prepare for the consequences.

Hallway Etiquette