Peace needs no Perseverance

I finished reading Dune yesterday and I gained a new appreciation for how circumstances shape people.  The Dune natives had to survive truly difficult circumstances with everything from enemy occupation, to strict water conservation.  Because of their hard life, they became the most powerful fighting force in existence, even more than the hellish-prison trained baddies.  Just by making it through daily life, they were getting more and more equipped to deal with whatever else came up.

The ‘real world’ is similar as well.  The most deadly martial arts styles have developed out of countries that have been repeatedly victimized.  Silat, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai are all from countries that have seen a lot of military action and been victimized throughout history.  Which makes sense, because a populace wouldn’t need to constantly train to protect themselves for the next battle if they led relatively peaceful lives.  The strongest individuals are the ones that have been through the most and came out the other side more powerful because of it.

I realize that I’ve had a relatively peaceful, safe life thus far, of course, that might change tomorrow.  I’ve had some difficulties to overcome, but nothing to be compared with some of your stories.  Although, when I work through everything that comes up, I am better off because of it later on.  As much as I complain about my student loans keeping me from what I want to do, my financial planning, diligence, and responsibility would not be what they are without those bills.  This is true for everything, people that make it through cancer or mental illness can go on to inspire thousands or millions of other people and are stronger individuals in the end because they kept fighting.

Persevering though life’s difficulties will make us stronger and more capable to handle whatever comes next.

Peace needs no Perseverance