What do I want to do?

I’ve been thinking about who I want to be.  Since I have these huge student loan bills, I can’t afford to move out of my parent’s guest room, let alone the country.  I’ve wanted to travel for so long, but again, bills to pay. 5-7 years from now when I’m theoretically debt-free, I still don’t really know who I want to be.  I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice only to realize that I don’t want to be a cop and joining the military would not be the best bet for me.  I am definitely not going back to school if it means another pile of student loans to handle all over again.

I heard that it’s best to consider what I already like to do, and then progress from there.  So I thought about what I’m willing to do (right now) for free.  Something that takes some effort outside of work.  I’m trying to write every day, with the potential hope of doing some sort of investigative or travel journalism one day.  I like to read, watch Netflix, and connect with people online.  I’m getting more into working on my car, and learning a bit more about film production.  However, not many of these pursuits lead to a viable career.  I haven’t found a way to get paid to watch TV yet.

Overall, I’m not sure I’d want to get paid to do something I like right now.  Once my livelihood depends on it, I don’t think I’d want to do it anymore.  It would go from something I want to do, to something I have to do.  Right now, I may lack some direction, but I don’t really mind my current job either.  Well I’ve got another 5-7 years to figure it out anyway.

Then there’s the question of where I want to be.  I’d really like to leave the US, but with visa and citizenship requirements, it might be more feasible to stay.  So now I’m thinking about Guam.  Since it’s technically a US territory, but still in the part of the world I’d be going for.

I guess we’ll see.

What do I want to do?