Compromising Clutter

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

I couldn’t easily think of a topic today, so we’re using a prompt!  I can’t stand clutter.  At least not in a place that’s under my control such as my room, laptop, or car.  I like to think that I’m something of a minimalist (but that’s probably just because I have so many student loans to pay back).  So for the last while, I’ve been going through all my things each week and getting rid of something every Saturday.  I found that this was a great exercise to pare down the boxes in my parent’s basement to what I actually need.  I might clean up a bit before company comes over, but there usually isn’t much to do, and I think that going overboard with the cleaning is dishonest.  I don’t need to prove a point to these people, I’m the one hosting them.

It’s not so much that clutter really bothers me, it’s just unnecessary.  If something is in the way, it needs to get out of the way, and possibly just out altogether.  I find that my thoughts are much clearer, and I am far more productive when there are fewer distractions in the room.  

That said, it is annoying when I do need something and it’s buried in a box somewhere since I don’t usually need it.  I turned 24 last month, and I got a couple checks in the mail to celebrate (I’m not sure why either, but I don’t argue with free money).  So I had to dig through four boxes piled up in the basement to find the thank-you notes, which I obviously only need twice a year.  Perhaps there is a compromise that could be made.  A bit more clutter, with a bit more convenience.

Compromising Clutter