Is it Whiny in here? Or is it just me?

I haven’t been able to run, climb, or walk smoothly for about a month now.  This problem comes up for 2-4 weeks every few months and while I’m very glad that it’s nowhere near as bad for me as it is in some cases, it is still an inconvenience.  Back when I was working at Abercrombie, I was afraid I couldn’t work anymore since standing with severe lower-back and leg nerve pain was so difficult.  That’s when I went to see a doctor.  Two hours and $25 later he said “Well we didn’t see any slipped discs or anything else, but keep an eye on it and take it easy.”  Thanks Doc.

So for the past few instances, I haven’t bothered going back to the doctor.  Now, I know that self-diagnosing is usually a bad idea, and if you use WebMD you absolutely have cancer.  However, I did some looking and it sounded a lot like sciatica.  Essentially nerve pain from the lower-back and possibly all the way to the foot.  Thankfully, my case isn’t quite that dramatic.  In some cases, people are handicapped by this, so like everything in life, it could be worse.

That said, I haven’t been able to do much exercising, what with the blinding pain and all.  The best I can do is walk on the treadmill.  Can’t run because the jostling is way too much.  However, I was able to climb today without searing pain.  I haven’t been climbing for almost a month now, so I was extra terrible, but (with enough pain-killers) all was well.  I’m paying $75/mo for this climbing gym membership so I need to start getting my money out of it.

Also, when the doctor was looking at the X-rays he was shocked and appalled.  He kept going on about how my bone density was dangerously low and mentioned osteopenia.  Being diagnosed with the precursor to Osteoporosis as a 22 year old male rather than a 60 year old female was concerning (to some people).  I wasn’t all that bothered actually, I just figured I wouldn’t drink soda anymore and would avoid contact sports (and car crashes) when possible.

But anyway, hopefully this round of nerve pain will settle down and I’ll be back to my normal self soonish.

Is it Whiny in here? Or is it just me?