Cheap housing in Los Angeles

Yesterday, after watching some MightyCarMods on YouTube, I decided that was what I wanted to do.  I’d love to buy a(nother) cheap, broken car, fix it, modify it, and then drive it until I did it all again.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve owned so many broken cars, I see their potential and only later remember that I don’t have the means to help them achieve it before they explode and take all my dollars away. So, to build a project car I would need a few things:

1: the car itself, can be cheap, maybe $1000

2: facilities and supplies to work on it, unfortunately this would mean buying a house with a garage and driveway for space, also lots of tools and equipment

3: more time and knowledge so that I make the car better instead of breaking it further

I would also like to move to Los Angeles since everyone on Twitter and YouTube is there anyway.  I like the creative feel of that area (never having been there of course) so I think I’ll move to LA.  However, as you may have heard, housing (especially a real house with a garage and driveway) is very expensive in LA.  I looked through the ReMax listings and if I had just $24,000,000 I could buy a nice place there.  I then resorted the results by cheapest price and was pleasantly surprised.  I saw page after page of viable houses with a garage and driveway for under $100,000 which is only $160,000 more than I have now!  Although, I then looked at the map view, zoomed out and noticed most of these great places were between Compton and Inglewood.  I’m not even from LA and I know those names.  So while it might be possible to ‘follow my dreams’ and move to LA, work on creative projects, and build project cars in my spare time, I should probably make sure I have some comprehensive insurance first.  And bars on my windows.  Also, a safe that can fit everything I care about.  But hey, those things are cheap enough, only $160,000 to go and I’ll be a homeowner in LA living the life!

Cheap housing in Los Angeles