Rewind YouTube 2012

That’s right, the title isn’t just two words, the first of which being “the”, feel free to celebrate.  This morning, after waking up at 5:30, wrapping X-Mas presents, trying to setup Tor and perusing the internet, I ended up watching this YouTube video:

Every few seconds I exclaimed “I know that person!”  FreddieW, iJustine, Felicia Day, Smosh, DeStorm, AlphaCat, and PSY, with clips from Ken Block’s incredible Gymkhana Driving.  Knowing these people in an online, uni-directional way isn’t quite the same as actually knowing each other in real life, but it’s something.  All the YouTube partners, bloggers, and content creators I try and keep up with don’t know me, but through their videos, articles, and tweets, I feel like I know them.  Maybe someday I’ll go after getting my own name out into the world via some sort of content creation, but until then, I am more than happy to appreciate the rest of the internet’s contributions to our global society.

Rewind YouTube 2012

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