the reinvention

I have a bookmark folder titled “Reinvention.”  That’s because for a while now, I’ve been going after a location independent job that could support me overseas.  Teaching English abroad might work but not while I have student loans outstanding.  I tried graphic design which I found very frustrating, and web design which I might get back to someday.  Crucially, I learned that I am not a graphic designer.  After downloading the trial for Adobe Illustrator and following tutorials to learn how to use it, I just found it difficult.  I guess I assumed graphic design would be more telepathic and gesture-based rather than a very involved somewhat tedious process every step of the way.  Eventually I stepped back and realized that if this was going to be what I do for the foreseeable future in my jet-set life around the globe, I probably wouldn’t want a freelance job that I found arduous in the comfort of my (parent’s) own home.  So I gave up.

Afterwards, I considered an online auto warranty administrator position.  That’s what I do now so I have about a year of experience, the job itself can be done remotely, and there are several companies that process auto warranty claims online.  This one’s still on my list since it is the most viable option so far.  However, that would be the boring responsible choice.  While responsibility is great, it’s also one of the least interesting character traits.  Not enough people have said “Ooh, he looks responsible!  I’d love to talk to him about time management and efficiency.”  Or if they have said that, I haven’t been there to hear them since I was off being responsibly boring and mapping out my imaginary future.

Which brings me to journalism.  I like figuring things out, following the chain of events, and piecing together a clear view of the situation.  So I considered Investigative Journalism as another ‘possible life change to undergo’ since it embodied the meticulous investigative aspect of detective work without the inconvenience of being a police officer.  I then discovered that there was such a thing as Travel Journalism.  MatadorU has a course to learn proper Travel Journalism, but seeing as I have no money for frivolities like bettering myself and learning new life-changing talents, I’m just going to write more.

Of course I realize blog posts aren’t quite the same as Investigative or Travel Journalism.  But I figure to develop as a writer, I should probably write more.  So I plan to expand my content focus and post a new article here every week.  Until now the focus has been on meagre progression toward my ambitious goal,  whereas now it will become more personal to include whatever I feel like writing that week.  I hope that you will appreciate this shift as I believe it will make the blog more interesting to read now that it won’t be so pigeon-holed into one topic.

the reinvention

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