the citizenship

So today I was looking into getting dual citizenship status with the US and some other very lucky country.  While I am of the opinion that prestigious nations should send me citizenship paperwork like credit card companies send me shredder food, the rest of the world seems to disagree.  My parents and grandparents were all born in the US so that doesn’t help me get another citizenship either.  You might be wondering what my plan is then, and also who cares?  Why do you need another citizenship anyway?  You’ve got a passport right?  What’s the problem?  Valid points all, I was born in the US so I’m conveniently already a citizen of a country that seems to be one that other people would like to belong to.  However, since I plan on doing some international travel and possibly living overseas at some point (see previous posts that explain why this is at least 5-7 years off) it would be advantageous to have two citizenships and passports.  Traveling on a US passport to some parts of the world can be a bad idea and very dangerous.  Conversely, in the Western world, having a US passport can be very convenient at times as well.  Embassy services and possible protection if that was necessary might only be available with a US passport (and cash) in hand.  Similarly, having another citizenship/passport to an EU nation especially, Australia, or some South American country or small island no one’s ever heard of could also be helpful.  Aside from being one step closer to looking like I’m Jason Bourne, a second passport opens additional doors overseas and can help with different visa applications.

Unfortunately, dual citizenship looks like a tricky status to attain.  Without marrying a citizen or having a direct family member as a citizen, my means are more limited.  And then of course I have to consider the “dual” citizenship aspect, it has to be with another country that’s friendly with the US (not China or most of the Middle East for example) that limits the options further.  If I was a millionaire this would be much easier (much of my life would be come to think of it).  After a cursory glance: Ireland, Hungary, Macau, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis will each sell me a citizenship complete with passport, visa free travel, and of course permission to live and work in that country.  The main problem is the price.  Ireland is very expensive, somewhere around $87,000 if I remember right, St. Kitts and Nevis was around $100,000 and Macau was about $125,000.  Reason being of course that there’s money to be made from selling citizenships, and a lot of the time these small island nations are tax havens for wealthy people that need to worry about that sort of thing and of course don’t need to worry about a paltry $100,000.

Annoyingly the bottom line is the bottom line.  I can’t afford to buy another citizenship so I’ll have to take the long road involving years of residence and paperwork.  But if I plan on living in another country at some point, I’ll need to consider the (dual) citizenship aspect eventually.  Or I suppose I could just marry a citizen of the desired country, much faster that way.

the citizenship

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