the update

While this has little to nothing to do with my main goal, I finally have something worth posting about.  Until recently, I was applying to be a Police Officer, since I have a degree in Criminal Justice, it seemed like the reasonable thing to do at the time.  I can’t honestly say that “I really want to be a Police Officer” though, so I ended up using that offer to help me negotiate a raise/promotion at my current job.  Which worked out (conveniently).  I was able to leverage and negotiate my way to a %38 raise after about 5 months of working there, which seems unprecedented.  I was thinking about this fortunate turn of events and came to realize that: people rarely get what they deserve, people sometimes get what they’re worth, and people almost never get what they don’t ask for.  This applies not just to most jobs, but to life in general.  If you show up a few minutes early, do your job, and stay a few minutes late as needed, you’re an above-average employee (unfortunately).  Anyway, all that to say that while I have not achieved independence from the US, from the state of Maryland, or even from my parent’s guest room yet, we’re making progress.  And who knows?  Maybe someday I’ll be able to buy a car that starts every time and won’t choke when I turn the AC/headlights/wipers on!

the update

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