the income (revisited)

So upon further review, I am not so sure that my fledgling web design freelance work would in actual fact be stable and substantial enough income to support my international adventures.  I’m sure that Web Design or some similar type of work might be a possibility if I was very talented or part of a larger design firm, but as it stands, it may not be feasible.  I’ve noticed that Web Design, like most of life’s pursuits is not all that difficult to do, but very difficult to do well.  I’ve learned some HTML and CSS but not enough yet.  And I’m not so sure that I will continue with much fervor at this point.  Even if I were to learn enough and become a dependable, moderately capable Web Designer, it would not be without concerns.  First and foremost, I understand of course that a lot of location independent income sources would be based primarily in freelance work.  Which by definition, is not all that stable or reliable.  If I have to buy food and pay rent in Cameroon, Brussels, or Hong Kong, I will need to be able to do so.  There’s no “if things really don’t work out” place to stay for a while if I can’t have a reliable source of income to support myself.  So I may need to come up with another plan to fund my living expenses abroad.  Something more like a regular job (preferably not teaching english) any ideas?

the income (revisited)

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