the troubles

I used to play some video games a bit more seriously than I do now, and I would cheat on occasion.  I figured that with unlimited money, ammo, health, lives, time, etc.  things would go smoother and would therefore be much more enjoyable.  This was true, for about 2 days.  After that, it was awful, I would restart just so I could undo the advantageous although morally-ambiguous modifications.  This together with one or two life experiences thus far have convinced me that without difficulties and problems to overcome, life would suck (more).  As much as I may whine about having to live with my parents, drive a rusty 21 year old car (that starts ‘most’ of the time), and pay about 2/3 of my net salary toward student loan payments, I am kind of glad for these issues.  If my parents had paid for all my school expenses, bought me a new car (maybe a Noble M600 or Aston Martin V12 Vantage), and generally “took care of it” I would be much closer to achieving my goals of international travel and living abroad.  But at what cost?  I strongly believe that people who haven’t had to work, struggle, or wait for something (or everything) are worse people because of it.  In Romans 5:3-4 the Bible says that: “we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”  That said, I am of course constantly trying to make progress toward my personal goals, but if everything was just taken care of for me, I probably wouldn’t even know how to do something like that.  Because I am making relatively slow progress at this point and it may be many years before I actually get to travel, it will mean that much more because of all the effort that helped make it possible.

the troubles

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