the income

No matter how much you’ve got in your travel fund, if your income does not exceed your expenses then eventually, your travels will end.  So I realize that I will need to have some stable (location independent)  income in order to keep up with expenses anywhere.  This one is a bit tricky.  I studied Criminology and Criminal Justice at UMD which doesn’t really apply outside the US (the laws are different, who knew?).  So, outside the US my only marketable skills are teaching English or… that’s it actually.  My degree doesn’t matter anymore, my mostly retail and customer service resume wouldn’t mean too much either in a country where I don’t really even speak the right language.  After a brief Google search though, I found several possible income sources that are location independent and can therefore be done wherever. Each one has their own list of jobs but there is a good bit of overlap: Nu Nomad, Dark Nomad, To Macedonia.

So I have the basic TEFL certification from I-to-I but I’m not real sure I want to teach English, but it’s a possibility anyway.  I’ve heard the best money can be made in Korea or other SE Asian countries, usually as a personal English Tutor.  I enjoy photography (I took that picture on the header up there), but from what I understand, you’ve got to be real talented in order to make any money with that.  Mostly though, I’m strongly considering Web Design, Graphic Design, or Photo-Journalism.  Although, I have no experience with any of these so we’re starting from nothing here.  Graphic Design may be tricky because I have difficulty “creating content” I can’t just come up with something.  So Web Design is where most of my efforts will be going.  There are plenty of tutorial sites out there and HTML isn’t too tricky to learn anyway.  However, as with everything, knowing how to do it, and knowing how to do it well are very different.

Anyone out there have other location independent job suggestions?

the income

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