the plan

‘Inveniam Viam’: I shall either find a way or make one.  So I’ll need a plan.  Something simple yet comprehensive.  Something that accounts for everything I’ll need it to consider, but nothing I don’t.  My general order of operations will be:

  1. out of student loan debt
  2. build up a track/drift car (because who wouldn’t want to)
  3. long term international travel
  4. expat to SE Asia

First things first, currently I’m in about $65,000 worth of student loan debt.  I went to the University of Maryland in College Park, MD for all 4 years, living on and off campus with in-state tuition rates. Somehow I still ended up in just over one new BMW-M3 worth of debt.  On the whole, it bothers me to be in debt, because of this I don’t plan on ever having a car payment or owning a house (probably). We’ll see how those ideas shape up over the course of my life, but as it stands I don’t plan on owing anyone any money ever again.  That said, at my current rate, it will be mid-2017 by the time I’ve paid my debt to the financial institutions that my tax dollars recently bailed out.  Making progress each month though…

Second, I’ve owned a 1994 civic, 1991 miata (briefly), 1997 jetta, and a 1991 civic, so I’d really like a decent car someday.  This is one of those “if it works out that way” sort of goals though, not exactly integral to the overall goal.

Third, it would probably be a foolish move for me to find a place and (hopefully) some sort of job in Phnom Penh and move there without traveling a bit first.  I’d like to set foot on all 7 continents, and since I have North America taken care of already, there’s only 6 more to go!  I’d like to see more of the world before I decide on an eventual expat location (this part of the process will take lots of time and money).

Fourth (probably not finally), as I’ve mentioned before my overall goal is to do some long term traveling and eventually move overseas.  Sites like have helped inspire me to make this an actual plan rather than a “nice idea” or “interesting concept.”  Everyone’s got their own reasons for doing something like this, and since I haven’t actually done anything beyond writing this plan out, I’m not real sure what my reasons are.  SE Asia is not a definite location yet (see step 3) but it has very low cost of living and what I see as a much more agreeable culture.

More details and updates to come as progress is made.

the plan

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